Welcome to fishtheflats.com.  My name is Captain Jason Ramsey and I hope you enjoy all the information and photos that you will find here about the incredible inshore and offshore fishing in the Tampa Bay area and Gulf of Mexico. But then again, if you have the time to, I’d be more than happy to spend a day on the water showing it to you firsthand.

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Inshore Fishing Charters

From Spotted Seatrout and awesome Redfish, to Florida’s most popular gamefish, the incredible Snook, fishing on the flats and in the backcountry waters in and around our Gulf of Mexico shoreline is a world class experience. Then again, if a world class fishing experience is what you are looking for, don’t overlook the information and photos that you will find about the GIANT Tarpon that we target in and around the mouth of Tampa Bay itself! While Boca Grande has proclaimed itself the Tarpon capital of the world, I wouldn’t trade the sightcasting opportunities for GIANT Tarpon that we enjoy here for anything.

Offshore Fishing Charters

If you prefer offshore fishing in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, I will get you there quickly and comfortably aboard my 33 foot Hydra-Sports equipped with twin 300 outboard motors, leaving you and your party with more time to fish.

Fishing the Tampa Bay Area

I guess the best thing about our area is that all the fishing you read about here takes place just an hour and a half from some of Florida’s most popular vacation destinations. I mean sure Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater are just across Tampa Bay itself, but you can also get from Disney World to the dock in an hour and a half or less! Then a short boat ride later, you can be fighting the Snook, Redfish, Trout, Cobia, giant Tarpon, or gamefish of your dreams. We’ll skim across the shallowest of flats while we search for those Redfish, Snook and Trout, and will work in the waters of the bay and nearshore Gulf to tangle with trophy size Permit and those GIANT Tarpon. Yeah, I keep using the word “Giant” for a reason. First, Tarpon under 100 pounds are rare here and second, when they school up off our beaches, the pods of Tarpon can be giant in size and often number in the hundreds, not the dozens!
In our part of Florida, world class fishing combines with awesome backcountry waters to tour and scenery to explore! Again, enjoy the photos and the information within our new site and then come and join us for your very own inshore or offshore adventure real soon!

See you on the water,

Capt. Jason

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Captain Jason Ramsey


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